TreePet® was born in 2010 from the creative mind of Rodrigo López Vázquez y Claudia González-Aragón. Its creators are concerned with what's happening to our environment and with the turn our world has taken for the worse.

We believe that to make a substantial change in ecological conscience we need to change social conscience first. For instance, it's not enough to reuse or recycle; we need to start reusing our waste AND commit a larger number of people to this task. It is with this idea in mind that we thought of reaching to people through an on-line game.

Our goal is to spread information, create conscience, train people in ecological issues in a fun and interactive way but specially, create opportunities for people to get their hands dirty first by knowing the problem and then become part of the solution. We plan to use Internet and it's social networks. Nowadays, Facebook has over 400 million active users, who share experiences, photos and contents. They search for friends inside and outside their immediate surroundings; at the same time, they create help and support networks between them. TreePet® plans to put forward interactive games for Facebook users which not only entertain, but also favour social conscience and ecological responsibility.

Our vision: For every Facebook user to donate a tree to our planet.